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Dexter Magnetic Technologies has been the world leader in the design and fabrication of permanent magnets and assemblies for 55 years. Supplying a veteran service staff, extensive inventory, engineering support, fabrication expertise and rigorous quality assurance programs, we are able to exceed customers' needs. We further our customer offerings through our global distributorship & custom modifcation of soft magnetics and accessories including ferrite cores, powder cores, amorphous cores, bobbins, and thermistors. We welcome you to experience the Dexter Difference.

Our company first started as Permag Corp., formed in New York in 1951 when personnel from the major U.S. magnet manufacturers approached our founding owners with the idea of selling small volume standard and customized permanent magnets to support their focus on larger volumes of standard magnets. The concept was very successful, and Permag grew to nine full service facilities located throughout the U.S. serving local and regional customers.

In the 1970s at the request of several leading manufacturers, Permag began distributing soft magnetic cores and components with an emphasis on same day shipment and customizing services. This product group, which we now call Electronic Components, represents many of the world's leading manufacturers of soft magnetic components. It accounts for approximately 40% of our sales.

In 1985 Permag was sold to Dexter Corporation. Under Dexter ownership, the company was renamed Dexter Magnetic Materials Division and in 1986 and 1987 the company opened facilities in Munich, Germany, and Slough, UK. During the 1990s the company reorganized its nine smaller U.S. businesses into three state-of-the-art facilities in North America, and consolidated its European operations into the UK facility. Our goal was to offer a better value package to customers by eliminating redundancies and by concentrating resources on emerging marketplace needs.

Sales engineers, applications engineers and process engineers were added to our existing technology staff to better support a growing requirement in the magnetics marketplace - design assistance and assembly of complex magnetic structures brought about by innovations in new materials. That business group, which we call Magnetic Products, is the clear leader in providing optimized magnetic solutions to global customers.

In 2000, Dexter Magnetic Materials Division was sold to Loctite Corporation. We renamed ourselves Dexter Magnetic Technologies and prepared for another change in ownership when Loctite announced its intention to sell us shortly after the acquisition was completed.

On July 19, 2001 Dexter Magnetic Technologies re-emerged as a private company through a financially assisted management buyout. Our backers include leading equity and financial partners that have supported our investment in critical projects to provide greater value to customers.